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Benefits of SmartDesk Solution


Ongoing opportunities for cost savings

SmartDesk Solution saves your business 39%+ over three years by proactively shifting users to lower cost contact methods. Did you know we offer a 90% first contact resolvable rate? This means your users IT issues are resolved during the first call 90% of the time, versus an industry average of 68%. Time is money, so getting users back to being productive more quickly is win-win-win. Win for your wallet, win - users are happy, and win - bosses are happy because of minimum downtime.

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Reduced need to contact service desk

By focusing on business outcomes, SmartDesk Solution leverages IT Service Management to improve service delivery and reduce the need for technical support, all while allowing the user to interact with the contact method that best meets their needs. SmartDesk empowers users to self-service when desired, with an evergreen, environment-specific knowledgebase and a self-service password reset and unlock tool. We also provide proactive continual service improvement to head off issues before they become a concern. These initiatives help negate the need to contact the service desk.

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24/7 SmartDesk Solution availability

You need a service desk provider with around-the-clock availability. Finding one that is available 24/7 and delivers multiple contact methods via multiple interfaces such as mobile, will enable your IT team to focus on strategic needs – and your end users get the help they need to suit their fluctuating work schedules.

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1,500+ users

It’s tough being in the middle - your smaller counterparts are faster and more agile; your enterprise rivals have greater resources and bench strength. Meanwhile, you have to compete with both. The same is true of your IT resources - small businesses can get by on a shoestring; corporate behemoths have the funds for best-in-class infrastructure. Midsize companies are expected to provide world-class IT capability — yet on a midsized (read: really tight) budget. Providing top-notch IT service management is a big part of keeping up with technology, because it directly impacts both operational expenses and employee productivity. Effective technical support can make or break your IT return on investment, and happy, productive workers are key to your organization’s ability to innovate, respond and succeed.

SmartDesk Solution is designed specifically to provide comprehensive and turnkey enterprise-level support to midsized organizations. 
With SmartDesk, you don’t have to be the small fish in a big pond!

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Success Story: Retailer

This beauty products retailer is focused on growing sales, and needed help managing reliable, effective IT support for it's 3,000 employees. With SmartDesk Solution, the company now has the IT support and capabilities it needs to focus on its core business and compete in the marketplace.

SmartDesk SLAs ensure optimum, cost-effective end-user support while progressive IT solutions responds to their changing business needs. Productivity has improved for the 3,000 end users so they can focus on running the business.


Success Story: Healthcare Provider

This organization needed to expand it's IT outsourcing to focus on higher demand and strategic areas. CompuCom has reduced costs and optimized end-user productivity.

The Service Desk achieved a greater than 90% first-call resolution rate (versus industry average of 68%). Also improved were IT performance, a reduction in errors, service level increase, faster response times and complete client satisfaction.


Success Story: Chemicals Manufacturer

Following a merger, this chemicals leader needed to optimize IT operations across North America. They partnered with CompuCom to provide a remote service desk, reaping the benefit of immediate scalable technical support.

This company achieved annual reductions in overall IT costs allowing for improved capacity of support. Also improved were service and employee satisfaction, accelerated response times to IT incidents and better IT performance with support for industry innovation and excellence.