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Additional Benefits of SmartDesk Solution


Helps you follow industry trends

Helping you on your Digital Transformation Journey: SmartDesk Solution helps you with foundational opportunities to drive macro orchestration and automation.

  • Operations support: We alleviate pain points via process optimization.
  • Service desk management: We use live insights to get ahead of problems.
  • Dynamic user interface: We provide near real-time automated dashboards and reports.

BYOD: We support laptops, desktops, mobile, and peripheral (printers, etc.) devices and have for years. We have tens of thousands of evergreen knowledge articles to help your users self-service and/or for our service desk to be able to provide consistent and current support for all devices, including BYOD.

Supporting various workforce needs: SmartDesk Solution provides multiple contact options including self-service and chat, preferred by Millennials and the iGeneration.


Better support helps you outpace the competition

Need to multiply the power of your IT team? Is your team bogged down by mundane requests, which saps their time and energy away from making your company more competitive? Let SmartDesk Solution multiply the power of your team, to help you scale more quickly, and focus on strategic initiatives.

  • 24 x 7 support: We provide cost-effective 24/7 coverage, to cover colleagues in different parts of the country or with different shifts, to take one more concern off your shoulders.
  • Faster problem resolution: 90% FCR vs. industry avg of 68% via multiple contact methods.
  • Leverage our expertise: Leverage the size and power of our award-winning team with 30 years of broad and extensive experience.

More self-service options for users

SmartDesk Solution reduces the need for technical support while allowing users to interact with the contact method that best meets their needs. SmartDesk empowers users to self-service when desired, with an evergreen, environment-specific knowledgebase a self-service password reset and unlock tool (password resets account for ~30% of all service desk calls), service alerts and a plethora of other contact methods with fast resolutions so that your team can focus on keeping your business running smoothly. These initiatives help negate the need to contact the service desk.


Better user experience

An improved user experience: Users are provided with multiple contact methods to suit their preference, needs, timelines and budget. E.g.: Stuck in a meeting and can’t step out to call the service desk? No problem! Chat your question / issue to our service desk from your computer or mobile device and get your issue resolved quickly, with 90% first contact resolution versus an industry average of 68%!

Single point of contact user access: Our single point of contact
Personal Portal and mobile app provide 24/7 easy access to all of SmartDesk Solution’s tools.

Single point of contact user access

Our single point of contact mobile app and desktop interfaces provide 24/7 easy access to all of SmartDesk Solution’s tools. Our mobile interface is truly your “service desk in your hand with multiple service options on-the-go.

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Save Money

With SmartDesk Solution you can save your business 39%+ in three years.

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Reduce Contacts

Reduce your employees' need to contact the service desk with our embedded Actionable Analytics.

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24/7 Access

With SmartDesk Solution, 3 am tech problems will not stop your team's ability to meet a critical deadline.

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1,500+ Users

Comprehensive, cost-effective and easy-to-use standard service desk solution for 1,500 or more users.

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Success Story: Retailer

This beauty products retailer is focused on growing sales, and needed help managing reliable, effective IT support for it's 3,000 employees. With SmartDesk Solution, the company now has the IT support and capabilities it needs to focus on its core business and compete in the marketplace.

SmartDesk SLAs ensure optimum, cost-effective end-user support while progressive IT solutions responds to their changing business needs. Productivity has improved for the 3,000 end users so they can focus on running the business.


Success Story: Healthcare Provider

This organization needed to expand it's IT outsourcing to focus on higher demand and strategic areas. CompuCom has reduced costs and optimized end-user productivity.

The Service Desk achieved a greater than 90% first-call resolution rate (versus industry average of 68%). Also improved were IT performance, a reduction in errors, service level increase, faster response times and complete client satisfaction.


Success Story: Chemicals Manufacturer

Following a merger, this chemicals leader needed to optimize IT operations across North America. They partnered with CompuCom to provide a remote service desk, reaping the benefit of immediate scalable technical support.

This company achieved annual reductions in overall IT costs allowing for improved capacity of support. Also improved were service and employee satisfaction, accelerated response times to IT incidents and better IT performance with support for industry innovation and excellence.