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What is SmartDesk Solution?

SmartDesk Solution is your cost-effective, all-inclusive turn-key service desk!

SmartDesk Solution is geared towards businesses with 250 to 3,000 or more users and will save you an average of 38% in 3 years from day zero. Additionally, you will save 53% versus standing up and maintaining an in-house service desk.

SmartDesk Solution uses Advanced Data Analytics to provide Continual Service Improvement for your business. It empowers your users with a choice of low-cost contact methods and self-service options to help reduce your costs and the need to contact the service desk. SmartDesk provides 24/7 support to get your IT team and users back to work more quickly, easily, and affordably.


Save Money

With SmartDesk Solution you can save your business 38%+ in three years.

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Reduce Contacts

Reduce your employees' need to contact the service desk with our embedded Advanced Data Analytics.

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24/7 Access

With SmartDesk Solution, 3 am tech problems will not stop your team's ability to meet a critical deadline.

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250 to 3,000+ Users

Comprehensive, cost-effective and easy-to-use standard service desk solution for 250 to 3,000 or more users.

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Enterprise-level support at a fraction of the price.

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It’s and you said you would find a way to save money without compromising your company's tech support.

It's time to put North America's largest employee-based technical support team to work for you!

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